Mick Carlotta has spent over 30 years in an impressive spectrum of technical disciplines. He is the inventor on 27 patents as well as numerous foreign patents. Designer of complex machinery, consumer products, product specific components, algorithms, video displays, cameras, nanotechnology,  fluid delivery and manufacturing equipment to name a few. Manager of world-class product designs, large budgets and large  teams.  Equally comfortable working in small  groups or individually.  Mick is the designer of key technology components for the worlds fastest commercial inkjet printer and PC Magazine's Product of the Year for 1996.


 "I think one of the most experientially satisfying projects that I worked on was being the design engineering manager on a wide format printer. Aside from the complex imaging technologies that had to be integrated, a printer is comprised of a myriad of commodity technologies such as powder coated sheet metal frames,zinc die casts, precision rods, servos, encoder strips, proximity sensors,  stepper motors, belt drives, precision plastic injection molded parts, algorithms and precision paper translations.   This pallet of technologies must be blended to satisfy functional specifications, manufacturability,  assembly, budget and schedule, while orchestrating the engineering team to the task of exceeding program goals."

"I am not an electrical engineer, but I have quite a bit of experience integrating electrical components into my designs as well as specifying the algorithms for the coders and electrical engineers. I have designed circuits and even designed a silicon chip once, but I digress. One time, the electrical engineers and coders that I worked with, were stumped on a critical problem with no solution that could be achieved without a total redesign of the electrical sub system in which the schedule and budget wouldn't allow. I like to go around a problem, often solving one problem using another problem. Within less than a day I had a solution that solved the problem by pre-processing images prior to printing. Software changes were minimal with no circuit changes. Most would find this skill as geeky and boring but for me it is my signature "add-on" to developing projects." 

"When major problems come to a project (in various stages of development), I have often been called in to identify problem(s) and find solutions with great success. I remember one time I was flown to a facility in Europe to help solve a manufacturing problem. The company had hired an engineering firm to develop, design, build and install their manufacturing operation, but the firm could not get the line to yield any usable product. We allotted a week for my work. Upon entering the facility I stood in the middle of the floor and asked for the manager to start at the beginning of the line and describe each station's function.  Before he finished describing the last station, and literally within 20 minutes of arriving, I knew the problem and told him to remove station #4 from the line and that would solve his problem. Needless to say, I had a few extra days to site see.

 I am always cognizant of my customer's budgets and will not hesitate to save them money. I always strive to exceed customer expectations and minimize budget projections. It is just good business that will have a future payback."


Mick and his wife, five adopted children and rescued dogs and cats live on a small lake outside of Atlanta. Outside of work, Mick is a husband first, a father second, a pet daddy third, who also enjoys being a musician, composer, poet, writer, sculptor, artist, carpenter and woodworker to name a few hobbies. Mick also enjoys collecting guitars and musical instruments, fixing vintage machines such as pinball, jukeboxes or musical instruments.